My College Career Wouldn't Be the Same Without The David Project


By Ben Sack, The Ohio State University

I think my favorite thing about the David Project is the amazing opportunities that it has given me throughout my college career. I think the most impactful opportunity that I have been given was going on Israel Uncovered in the winter of 2016-2017. The trip itself gave me the chance to travel to Israel, and visit places I had never been before. I think one of the most important parts of that trip was being able to see people of different faiths such as, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism get to connect with their faiths, all in the same area.

Seeing their new personal relationship with Israel help re-kindle my own personal relationship with it. However, I do think the most important thing that The David Project has given me is the relationships that I’ve made from it. From Israel uncovered I’ve gained some of my closest and most cherished friends that I’ve ever had. Even 2 years later, I still talk to a lot of close friends from my trip on a pretty frequent basis. Even though the trip was only 10 days, I think that some of these relationships could last a lifetime.

Throughout my college career, The David Project has given me many amazing opportunities, and I am extremely thankful for the chance to be involved with such a great organization.

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