Student Advocate of the Year: Brian Burke, University of Pittsburgh


This award celebrates the single student advocate that most epitomizes and supports The David Project's methodology of Relational Advocacy on their campus. This includes successfully implementing every individual expectation of The David Project’s on-campus program, incorporating Israel Uncovered into their on-campus outreach strategy and demonstrating the impact that an individual can have on a campus using this outreach strategy.

The winner of the student advocate of the year exceeded expectations of on-campus outreach, positively impacted a relationship with a strategic community, and led an outreach team through on-campus programming and initiatives. This student got involved with the David Project before they even started school. They came to RBI before their freshman year and knew that they didn’t want to waste anytime building relationships on their campus. This student is now a senior and still exhibits the same passion and leadership that they brought to their first RBI. Both their coordinator and Israel Fellow can count on them to work with any community and know that they will be successful. As The David Project’s first National Student Board Chair there is no doubt that this student deserves to win this award.

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The Student Advocate of the Year is Brian Burke from the University of Pittsburgh!