Announcing The David Project's 2018-19 National Student Board

The David Project is proud to announce the 9 members who will serve on The David Project's National Student Board for the 2018-19 Academic Year. The National Student Board is comprised of Israel Advocates from all across the country, representing over 250 interns within our movement. As members of this year's cohort, these students will have the opportunity to advise our campus team, create effective programming for their fellow interns, and organize initiatives to better strengthen the diversity of voices within our movement. 

This year's board features large regional representation, with students coming from campuses in the West Coast, East Coast, Mid-West, and Mid-Atlantic regions. These perspectives will help to serve our students in addressing the challenges that our interns face across the country, and brainstorming best practices towards achieving success on campus. 

This year's board will also be managed by three of our Campus Coordinators - Rachel Adams, Juliana Moskowitz, and Michael Kagan. Each of them is excited about this upcoming opportunity and what this year will bring. 

The students on this year’s National Board have shown an incredibly high degree of creativity and commitment to The David Project’s work on their respective campuses.  I cannot wait to see what they will achieve once they come together as a team and implement their amazing experience and ideas on a national level.
— Rachel Adams, National Student Board Management Team
I am really looking forward to working with this years student board. The student board is comprised of students who have proven to not only be dedicated to the cause, but are personally wanting to take Israel advocacy to the next level. Being able to work with students that are passionate and excited to learn about dialogue and giving back makes me even more excited to do my job. I can’t wait to watch them grow as leaders and to learn from them as well.
— Juliana Moskowitz, National Student Board Team Management Team
I am incredibly excited to be working with this year’s National Student Board and see how these remarkable students represent their fellow interns and faces of our movement. Each of these students bring a tremendous wealth of experience in Relationship Building, that will no doubt go far in providing support and guidance for so many of our interns across the country. Here’s to an amazing year of collaboration and partnership!
— Michael Kagan, National Student Board Management Team

Here is the full list of the 2018-19 National Student Board members:

Ben Sack - The Ohio State University, National Student Board Co-Chair

Delaney Kahlert - San Diego State University, National Student Board Co-Chair

Annmarie Gajdos - Baruch College

Erick Cohen - The George Washington University

Jacqueline Chertock - University of Pittsburgh

Katie Glickman - Queens College

Maxine Wiesenfeld - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sam Mangold-Lenett - University of Cincinnati

Stephanie Black - American University

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