Israel Unleashed

By Tommy Bowles, The Ohio State University

Take me to Israel.

Take me far away.

Bring me to a new continent.

Bring me there today.

Let me run freely in the fields where David fought lions.

Let me hear the calls to prayer that serenade the heavens.

Take me to Tel Aviv, and let me see the lights.

Bring me to the capitol of progress.

Let me see the new, and fill me up with life.

Take me to the Golan Heights, so I may feel the quiet life of peace that is lost from the news.

Bring me to the Syrian border: may we see the doctors who treat ALL human life.

Let me experience your villages and kibbutzim: hard work all day, and rest all night.

Take me to the desert, and let my mind be free.

Bring me into nothingness, and leave me alone with me.

Let me hear the wind that sings the people’s past: test me in the wilderness, and I will know peace at last.

Take me to Jerusalem, the center of the land.

Bring me to the Wall, so that I may understand.

Let me worship at the Sepulcher, and take me to the great Mosques: there I will never be alone, God will be my rock.

So take me to Israel, and let me look down from above.

Bring me to the land, where no water flows but love.

Let my eyes and ears be opened, so I may really, truly be

Let me unleash Israel, and it will unleash me.

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