A Year After Israel, I've Uncovered So Much More

Alex Klar, University of Miami

A year after my Israel Uncovered journey, I reflect upon the experience, the lessons learned, and the work to be done. What impresses me most about the David Project and Israel Uncovered is that they work not only to share perspective, but to build empathy among people. A reoccurring theme I noticed in my time in Israel and while working with David Project has been an emphasis on the importance of story-telling. Bridging the gaps between political or spiritual ideologies that may exist in a textbook and the personal human experience is quantum, and I think a reason why the David Project is so successful. To simply listen to the histories or values of others is different from organically connecting to the histories and values of others. The David Project seeks to do the latter.

            By not only opening dialogue, but encouraging debate and collaboration, the David Project reinforces the bonds between people of different identities. Instead of homogenizing the conversation surrounding Israel, the David Project diversifies it, leading to a stronger and more fruitful relationship for everyone involved. It has been an incredible pleasure interning with the David Project, and I am excited for the future of such a laudable and valiant organization working toward rapport.

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