Student Advocate of the Year: Ben Kern

The David Project is proud to award Ben Kern from Rutgers University as the 2017 Student Advocate of the Year.

This award celebrates the single student advocate that most epitomizes and supports The David Project's methodology of Relational Advocacy on their campus. This includes successfully implementing every individual expectation of The David Project’s on-campus program, incorporating Israel Uncovered into their on-campus outreach strategy and demonstrating the impact that an individual can have on a campus using this outreach strategy. The winner of the student advocate of the year exceeded expectations of on-campus outreach, positively impacted a relationship with a strategic community, and led an outreach team through on-campus programming. Ben exemplifies what it means to be a student advocate for The David Project: He has relationship-building and Israel in his heart, and truly finds the methodology of relational advocacy to be his style and connection to Israel.

This past year, Ben completed 44 outreach interactions, predominantly with the Hispanic and Muslim communities on his campus. He led recruitment for Israel Uncovered despite going on the trip the year before, and recruited for and participated in the David Project and AJC’s Jewish-Latino Conference in Miami, Florida. The student was a clear thought partner for our organization, leading our first ever National Student Board.

We are so proud of Ben Kern for his devoting his time and effort towards creating positive change on campus, and serving as a role model for so many of his fellow students. On behalf of The David Project, we are proud to recognize Ben Kern as the 2017 Student Advocate of the Year!