Professional Partner of the Year: Einat Reyn

This award celebrates the professional partner that most epitomizes and supports The David Project's methodology of Relational Advocacy on their campus. This includes successfully ensuring the implementation of every component of The David Project’s on-campus program, incorporating Israel Uncovered into on-campus outreach, and helping to support and lead students conducting outreach on campus.

This year, Einat Reyn from Brooklyn College helped her students reach 200 outreach interactions, an average of 40 interactions per student, and helped implement 5 successful programs on their small, urban campus. One program that stood out nationally that Einat helped implement was their Unity dinner, an event where they invited 45 leaders from major media outlets on campus, the African-American community, and academic leaders to learn about relational advocacy and share their connections to the causes they advocate for on campus. This is a feat for a professional at a small Hillel, where they are needed in many programs and roles beyond Israel and The David Project.

"I had an amazing time working with this wonderfully inspiring group of advocates, and could not have achieved half of the successes our year long work accomplished if it wasn't for the unyielding and dedicated partnership Einat provided on the ground." - Matal Camille

Einat has helped make our internship an elite opportunity for students at their Hillel and on their campus. We are so proud to recognize Einat Reyn as the 2017 Professional Partner of the Year!