Best Israel Uncovered Follow Up: Michigan State University

This year's winner for Best Israel Uncovered Follow Up was the intern team at Michigan State University. The event was a Cultural Dance Night, which was created with the African-American community on campus. The event was inspired following an important moment on a recent Israel Uncovered trip. While in Israel, students from Michigan State University attended a History of Israel through Dance program. As described by the students, the event was so meaningful to those participating that leaders from the Black Student Association wanted to share this experience with their community back on campus. During the Cultural Dance Night at Michigan State University, students from the Jewish and African-American community came together to learn about each others cultures through dance, which also included food, music, and sharing experiences.

After the event, the goal was to maintain relationships between the two communities and create opportunities for collaboration and dialogue in the future. Looking forward, both communities hope to work together more frequently as well as continue to provide opportunities through Israel Uncovered.

This was a major achievement at Michigan State University. While there have been plenty of individual relationships in the past, this was the first time that both communities showed signs of a strong relationship where the two can support each other in their causes and endeavors. Congratulations to our amazing interns at Michigan State University and we are looking forward to your continued success in the upcoming year!