The Power of Words

David Project interns at Brooklyn College organized an event with different communities on campus around poetry, dialogue, and other forms of expression. Students heard from Andrew Lustig, who explained how to express identities and emotions into words. 

Around 20 students from various communities participated in this spoken word workshop and many left feeling more confident in sharing their identities, and a sense of pride in who they are. Paulette Gindi, a Senior intern at Brooklyn College described how this workshop inspired her to speak more openly about her personal narrative. 

"As a poet, I always incorporate my Jewish identity and relationship to Israel within my work. Most of the time it’s hidden between abstract metaphors– remaining a sacred and secret love of mine. Yes, I’m passionate about the work I do as president of Brooklyn College’s literary and art magazine, Stuck in the Library, but as a student leader, I never felt safe enough to be open about Israel through this medium. My entire perspective changed after I invited Andrew Lustig to host a spoken word workshop to Stuck in the Library members, with the help of The David Project. Andrew stood before 20 strangers and was able to pour his love for Israel through lyrical words and rhymes, exuding peace, hopefulness and passion in the air. He gave all participants directions for composing an identity-themed spoken word piece, and guided us through the process. Students were able to dig deep within themselves to uncover people, places and social issues that are important to them. Some of us laughed– others cried, but all of us walked out of that workshop with a sense of pride in who we are as individuals. As a David Project intern, and as an artist, I can say that Andrew’s confidence to share his Israel story inspired me to share more of my Israel through poetry, spoken word and art."


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