Student Spotlight: Josue Mendez

Name: Josue Mendez

Major: Corporate Communication

Campus Involvements:

USG - Representative Senator Intervarsity, Christian Fellowship - Campus Engagement Team, Marketers of Baruch - Creative Team, TEAM Baruch - Orientation Manager, PRSSA National Society of Leadership & Success, Advisement Center - Front Desk Office.

Why do you care about Israel?

As a Christian, Israel has meant something to me this entire life. It was this place everyone in the Bible was connected to in some way, shape, or form - and obviously completely blessed. It didn't really even seem real to me, so when I was given the chance to visit Israel it blew me away. Everything about Israel and seeing those places in the Bible come to life left me in awe. I truly felt the magic and wonder the place had.

What do I want others to know about Israel after getting to know me?

I feel like people may have this pre-conceived notion that Israel is nowhere near as advanced as the United States is simply because it's located in the Middle East. That is completely false - the entire country is just as up to date as we are and I never felt out of place.

What's your favorite part about interning with The David Project?

My favorite part about interning with The David Project is the fact that I feel like I'm not even interning for them. I'm doing things, talking to people, and promoting Israel as much as I could - and I would've been doing it with or without the David Project regardless.

Why do you think it's important to build relationships across campus communities?

Relationships help foster growth and new opportunities. We're able to do things never been done before through relationships, especially with those we never felt like a relationship could've possibly existed.

What are you most looking forward to as an intern this semester?

Putting together an event that will hopefully get the buzz on Israel around campus and start some conversations people would have probably never had otherwise.

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