Student Spotlight: Elliot Noah Yamin

Name: Elliot Noah Yamin

Major: General Biology (B.S.)

Campus Involvements: Tritons for Israel, Union of Jewish Students, UCSD Pre-Physician Assistant Student Organization, UCSD Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative, Hillel Triton Jewish Leader, Health and Medical Professions Program.

Why do you care about Israel?

I care about Israel because of the extensive cultural and religious ties of many religions to the land. It is a safe haven for anyone Jewish, which gives us a sense of security and establishment that shows the world that Judaism is here to stay.

What do I want others to know about Israel after getting to know me?

I want them to know that Israel is just as a home for them as it is for me. I want them to feel the crucial need that Israel is necessary for the existence of Judaism due to the horrible happening of the Holocaust and WWII. I want them to see the rich history of Israel, and what it has also come to be-that it is another destination for a vacation on the bucket list.

What's your favorite part about interning with The David Project?

My favorite part has to be representing the Jewish community and Israel when making new friends, meeting new communities, and getting involved with different organizations on campus.

Why do you think it's important to build relationships across campus communities?

It is important to build these relationships so the Jewish community on campus have allies and friends that are apart of different organizations and communities on campus, so that we can strengthen each other, and become more aware, respect, and appreciate different people in our society. 

What are you most looking forward to as an intern this semester?

Meeting new people & making new friends!