Israel and Me

By Forida Ahmed, National Student Board Member

It’s that time of the semester where everything seems to be piling up except free time and we start prioritizing homework and studying a bit more than we do socializing and eventually we forget about other obligations, like internships. I’ve had a sticky note in my planner for over two weeks that says, “In Israel I uncovered …”. I look at it everyday and each day I move the note down to the next day. What did I uncover in Israel? What made me come back and join The David Project? I ask myself everyday as I proceed to move the sticky note. Now, I don’t know if this was a perfect coincidence or maybe just something I needed in the moment to remind myself why I believe that Israel dialogue on campus is so necessary but I found myself humming to Bill Wither’s “Lean On Me”. I remembered Phil Brodsky, at the closing ceremony of the Relationship Building Institute, telling us that when we hear the song we’ll remember RBI…we’ll remember Israel.

For me, it didn’t just remind me of an incredible three days I spent with student leaders in St. Louis; it reminded me of the eleven days I spent with twenty-seven amazing student leaders from all over the country. It reminded me of an incredibly emotional journey that I got to experience with people I now call my friends. And now as I continue to recruit students for Israel Uncovered 2018 I remember my trip, my experiences and everything that I uncovered in Israel and hope that the students who get the opportunity to go this year come out with more than I did. I hope that each student goes in with an open mind, a big heart and lots of Kleenex.