Latinos y Judíos Unidos

This month holds many anniversaries for me. In addition to passing two years at The David Project professionally, it’s been four years since I went on Israel Uncovered as a student myself, which means it’s been four years since I first felt like I have had a voice in the Israel conversation, in general and on campus. As a young, Hispanic student at Michigan State, I saw challenges my community on campus was facing – like racial discrimination in class to micro-aggressions – as just that: challenges for my own community. In many ways, I felt as though my community needed to rally and face these challenges head on and alone.

Over the past four years, I have learned that this is not the case. I have witnessed the Jewish, Latino, Black, and a number of other communities come together to support one another in creating a better campus, and world. I have seen students stand at our summer Relationship Building Institute and speak of what their community is doing on campus and how the Israel community can support them in creating change. I have seen students come together on Israel Uncovered and view Jewish, Christian, LGBT and so many other spaces as ones of unity and cooperation. These experiences have inspired me, not only as an individual but as a member of The David Project.

Motivated by this inspiration, I am so excited to announce The David Project’s first-ever Jewish-Latino conference. This conference, named Latinos and Jews United/Latinos y Judios Unidos, will be a collaboration between The David Project and the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The dual name, and dual logo, represents what we are creating: an opportunity for two communities to come together for a weekend in Miami to work toward sustained unity, collaboration, and allyship on campus. We hope this conference will allow voices from both communities to be heard in a more inclusive and authentic conversation.

The conference, from March 3rd-5th,is being hosted by the University of Miami Hillel. Applications are open until February 3rd, and we have already begun filling spots – we can’t wait to see the amazing group that comes together to take a big step toward a better campus community and stronger partnerships between the Latino and Jewish communities.

The application can be found here: