A Day in the Life: Israel Uncovered

No day could be considered truly typical on an adventure like Israel Uncovered, but interwoven moments that happen each day give the trip its unique fabric.
Here are a few:

Asking Questions
Knowledgable tour guide and staff field *approximately* one million questions from smart and inquisitive students daily.
Pictured: Bashir, from Bus 2, gets a geography lesson from tour guide Michael.

day in the life 2.jpg

Hearing Narratives
Students hear from and interact with speakers ranging from Michael Oren, current member of Knesset for the Kulanu party and the Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Prime Minister's Office (pictured left) to Racheli Nagatu from the Yemin Orde Youth Village (pictured right).

Talking, talking, talking
Israel Uncovered takes processing very seriously. Students discuss what they have experienced and how they feel each night. They also talk over meals, on the bus (also known as their home away from home in Israel), and really anywhere they have a few minutes, including sitting outside on the ground.

Selfies, Smiles, and Soldiers
When you're here, you're mispacha, or family. Participants build a culture on their busses, have tons of fun, and of course, capture every moment in selfies. They also become friends with their soldier security guards (see Rory the security guard in picture on the right). Each person they meet helps them to build their own connection to Israel.

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