A Poem for the Relationship Building Institute

By Nir Lavi-Romer, University of Pennsylvania


So you're interested in Israel,

campus education, and more?

Let's go talk about something swell,

I promise it won't be a chore.


It happened this past summer,

a seminar in Boston.

Maybe travel was a bummer,

but the program was so fun!


The David Project runs it,

the RBI conference, I mean.

A place to gather and to sit

in BU's campus scene.


Pro-Israel students united

for Israel conversations galore.

Diverse opinions were invited,

so discourse was never a bore.


Personal story and narrative,

hearing and being heard,

pluralistic views to receive

the amount of learning was absurd.


So don't miss out next year!

We really need you there!

I'm truly counting on you here

to come and join and share!



Watch Nir recite his poem below:


Nir Lavi-Romer is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. He is studying the Biological Basis of Behavior with minors in Modern Middle Eastern Studies and Health Care Management. Born in Israel, Nir moved to the United States at a young age and has lived there since, traveling back to his birth country as often as possible. In his free time he enjoys soccer and reading.