Who Will You Meet At The Relationship Building Institute?




Charles R. Chakkalo, Hunter College, CUNY, Class of 2018




Q: Which campus community or communities are you a part of? Do you hold a leadership role in any of your communities?:

A: Director-General of San Diego State University Model UN Conference, Philosophy Club, Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy Honors Society), UN Student Association, Pre-law Club (and Society), Mock Trial (Vice President), Students for Israel, Hillel

Q: Will you be attending the Israel Uncovered Reunion?

A: Yes

Q: Why are you coming to the Relationship Building Institute?

A: To get more involved in The David Project, see what I can bring back home and apply on campus, and to combat the gargantuan amount of misinformation about Israel on campus.

Q: Which part of the Relationship Building Institute are you most excited about?

A: Meeting new people from all over the country. Fo Sho.

Q: What are you looking forward to learning about?

A: The recommended ways we should bring up the Israel conversation.

Q: What are 3 things you love about Israel?

A: 1. It’s the state and homeland of the Jewish people/nation

2. The ability not only to connect to my Jewish roots but my Arabic ones too

3. Through all the struggles and persecutions God continues to show the world that he stands with Israel and the Jewish state is there to stay

Q: Name a unique quality that you will bring to the conference:

A: My experience in International Relations (actual and educational) and the Arab/Jewish combo.