Personal Narrative: How Do YOU Connect To Israel?

How do you tell your story? And why should I care?

A part of the beauty of Israel is the way that we can all share in a connection to the country, but that connection can resonate with each of us differently.

We teach students the art of the personal narrative in order to help them relate to their peers on a personal level and connect with them. The Personal Narrative Workshop also:

  1. Helps students gain awareness all the difference experiences different people can have with Israel
  2. Gives an opportunity to practice articulating their experiences to another person clearly

Not every part of a narrative is good. We give students the space to truly delve into their connection to a complicated place and create a narrative behind why and how they advocate for Israel. In the great words of Phil Brodsky (and also a lot of other people, too, probably): β€œThe shortest distance between two people is a story.”

See some great examples of personal narratives from David Project students and interns here, here, and here!