Make Your Identity and Values Work For You!


Created By: Danny Becker, Campus Manager





Identity and values are two commonly used words with big and abstract meanings. When identified and understood, how can these powerful tools help you? More specifically, how can they help you, an Israel advocate on a college campus, get your roommate, fellow club member, or a coffee date to talk and care about Israel?

Once you determine your own identity and values, and you can see those same identity and values in others and they can become a huge asset in building relationships.  

This workshop starts big, but ends with you! As a precursor to The David Project’s core session, the Personal Narrative Workshop, the Identity and Values Workshop will guide you to determining your identities and values, train you on how to pinpoint identity and values of those around you through text analysis, and introduce how your identity and values can be incorporated into your personal narrative in order to help build strong, amazing relationships.