Liberal Arts Breakout Session


Run By: Interns Hannah from Clark University, Emily from Trinity College, and Zoe from Oberlin College This summer was marked by a lot of wonderful changes in our office, one of them being the inception of the Liberal Arts Summer Internship. Three passionate and talented young women, Emily, Hannah, and Zoe, from diverse liberal arts campuses hung out this summer and delved into the meaning of that tricky umbrella of “Liberal Arts Campuses” and how to best to do relational advocacy work for Israel on campuses under the umbrella.

They are bringing their findings of the summer, ideas, and personal narratives to a workshop for other students from liberal arts schools attending the Relationship Building Institute. Emily, Hannah, and Zoe, are help their peers determine how to make Israel relevant to students on their specific liberal arts campus by personalizing and tailoring the way they present their connection Israel.