Israel Uncovered Reunion: Memories of Israel to Bring Back to Campus


  Pre-Relationship Building Institute Israel Uncovered Reunion Activity

Created By: Daniel Pearlman, Campus Coordinator





Church of the Holy Sep IU Reunion ActivityFifty students from different corners of campus life and from different campuses around the country sit in one room together. What do they have in common? The participated on The David Project’s Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission to Israel.Airport IU Reunion Acitivity    fake marriage IU Reunion activityhug at Mt of B IU reunion activitiy Rabin Square IU Reunion Activity Rockets Sderot IU Reunion Activity Wailing Wall Iu Reunion Activity Yad Vashem IU REunion activity







Since returning from their 10-day journey, some students have shared their experiences freely and enthusiastically, others have kept the things they did and saw and felt close to them, turning moments and experiences over and over in their minds.








Now they get to relive some of the most beautiful, hard, engaging, informative, spiritual, and fun moments of their trip together, with the only other people who truly know what it was like.









In the rush of everyday life, we sometimes forget to reflect on single moments and experiences. Sometimes a moment as profound as seeing the Old City of Jerusalem for the first time or as small as feeling the rust of old rockets in Sderot can be temporarily forgotten.




  Have you been to Israel? What moments stay with you and what did they mean? How can you share those with others and what can meaning can those moments give to them? Which memories shape your personal narrative and how can a snapshot of those memories aid in building relationships?