Cafe Dilemma: The Catch-All Card Game of Israel Advocacy


If you have ever engaged in the world of college Israel advocacy before, you very likely are already familiar with Cafe Dilemma. If you haven’t, then the question you may have is: What is Cafe Dilemma? A better question, if I may be so bold, would be: What can I learn through Cafe Dilemma today? Righteously named many students’ favorite Israel activity, Cafe Dilemma is an incredible opportunity to get a bunch of smart and passionate people together, throw in 20 questions dealing with politics, theory, ideology, Israel advocacy, and relationship building, and let the conversation flow! Students at the 2016 Relationship Building Institute will be participating in an re-vamped version of this tried-and-true game, with questions speaking to students on campus today, such as: “How can the Israel community be a better ally to other communities on campus?” and “What role should the Palestinian narrative play in Israel advocacy?” and “What is the most common misconception about Israel on your campus?”

The 2016 Relationship Building Institute gives students and professionals from across the country the opportunity to hear one another’s opinions, concerns, challenges, and ideas around Israel. Some will hear thoughts on Israel from Israelis, students in a different campus community, or students from the West Coast for the first time. This game gets deep real quick so tomorrow will begin with a debrief session of what is sure to be an intense and awesome Cafe Dilemma game!