Building Allies and Being an Ally

What does it mean to be an ally?

Allyship is great. It can mean mutual trust, benefits, and support. Sometimes these things only go one way and the challenge is to cultivate an ally or step up your own ally game.

We are covering how to be a good ally by leading you to your own personal answer in two steps:

  1. How do you show up and support the potential ally you are reaching out to?
  2. What are the expectations you out on yourself when reaching out to a potential ally?

How do you cultivate an ally?

We are taking you on a step-by-step breakdown on the best way we know to build incredible ally and partnerships across your campus and in the world!

The Steps to Cultivating Allies:

  1. Create awareness
  2. Create relevance
  3. Educate
  4. Move toward activism
  5. Move toward allyship