Back to School: Campus Coordinator Jacklyn Hits The Road

The David Project Campus Coordinators are heading out on their first trips to campus of the fall semester. At The David Project summer seminar, the Relationship Building Institute, coordinators met many of the students they will be working with on campus and got to do some outreach planning for the upcoming semester. Also, they were reminded of just how dang passionate, dedicated, and smart The David Project student advocates and leaders are--making them all the more excited to be getting to work helping build relationships and advocate for Israel on campuses across the country!  

Campus Coordinator Jacklyn, who has schools in Florida in the D.C. region, will be in Florida in just a few days!

"I am really looking forward to this upcoming school year, especially with the amazing teams that have been put together, like at UCF, for example. The impact that they are going to have on campus will be very large and I know that they will be making a ton of new allies for the Israel community on campus."


"As this is my first time going to American, George Mason, and Johns Hopkins I am looking forward to getting to know all the students and professionals and starting off the year with a strong D.C. representation. This year, at the Relationship Building Institute, there were a number of students from both George Mason and Johns Hopkins and the preparation that began for making change on those campuses makes me really excited for this upcoming semester."