What's New at The David Project?


  The last few months have brought exciting changes to The David Project. Brand new coordinators are here, excited to start work on campus in a few short weeks, and we are so proud of some more familiar faces who have taken on new roles within the organization. Read on to hear more from Dylan, Danny, Lucia, and Tatiana!




Dylan Morpurgo, Senior Campus Coordinator ---> Campus Manager

I've been fortunate to have an ever-growing relationship with The David Project, from a student participant on Israel Uncovered, to a Campus Coordinator, and now to my new role as Campus Manager. I'm excited to be in my new role, overseeing our Campus Team, and helping share our vision for Israel on campus.

As I prepare for my third summer conference on staff, I am really looking forward to being able to build relationships with even more campuses, to travel the country with our coordinators, and work with students. Having worked on a variety of campuses with different environments, I'm looking forward to being able to help each campus achieve the success we know is possible.

I got my professional start working in government and politics, and the biggest thing I learned there was the importance of genuine relationships, where people are truly heard and understood. Having the opportunity to train students on the skills of relationship building is something that I am passionate about, and I can't wait to continue through our Relationship Building Institute, on campus, and on Israel Uncovered.


Danny Becker, Campus Coordinator ---> Campus Manager

11878973_10153129197814007_6112488585767835397_oMy transition from Campus Coordinator to Campus Manager has been a very busy and exciting transition! I had an incredible time learning and growing with my region, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee, and I am excited to continue to be involved with them as I manage new regional coordinators. I am also looking forward to getting in-depth experience with the other regions that I will be overseeing: DC, Florida, and Greater New England. I am beyond excited to be working so close with many of the coordinators who I have helped train when I was in their position. Continuing those professional relationships will be wonderful.

There are a number of skills I look forward to bringing to this position! I have had the amazing opportunity to see what our work looks like every step of the way, having been a campus leader and then an intern at Michigan State as an undergraduate student, before becoming a professional member of The David Project family. Additionally, I hope my excitement and supportive nature will help continue to support an environment where success and failure are both celebrated.

This summer I am very excited to get our newest staff members up-and-running, and welcome and embrace our Liberal Arts interns. I really believe they have so much that they bring to the table and I am excited to help them take their experience with Israel advocacy to the next level and be ready to bring that back to campus!


Lucia Panasci, Senior Campus Coordinator ---> Senior West Coast Coordinator

I am very excited about my new role as Senior West Coast Coordinator! After two years working with Southern California schools, I have developed a deep affinity for the West Coast and am so looking forward to taking the lead in enhancing our work there. Also, as a lifelong east coaster, I am beyond thrilled to be escaping the snow and moving to the Bay Area. My main focus will be amplifying our campus work in Northern California, as well as forging and creating stronger bonds with the Hillels and various outside organizations. Additionally, I will be working closely with our new Southern California coordinator, Juan, and helping to oversee our projects across the West Coast.


Tatiana Hasson, Campus Coordinator ---> Senior Campus Coordinator

When I first started this job as a Campus Coordinator, I had never approached Israel advocacy from a professional perspective. I had to fill the role of becoming a mentor to my students. I had to transition from being the one “on the ground” to the one managing, assisting, and guiding the students on the ground. When I first stepped into this role I carried myself as more of a student and wasn’t always sure of myself in certain situations. Now, I carry myself more professionally, I make clear decisions both internally, in the office, and externally on campus, and I am able to specifically articulate why I make those decisions.

Initially, it took me a lot of time to manage my basic job responsibilities, which left me less time and energy to invest in really understanding how we can be most effective on a specific campus. I became so wrapped up in maintaining the basics, without being able to “think outside the box”. However, after almost two years as a Campus Coordinator, I have learned so much about my professional style, organizational skills, and my personal goals. While the support from my managers is still helpful, I have become much more autonomous and confident.

As a Senior Campus Coordinator, I feel that I have truly taken ownership over my job and have been able to strengthen my trust with my students, professional partners, and co-workers. With many new campus coordinators joining our team, I have been able to use my experience on campus to help mentor, train, and serve as a resource for them.

With my new role, I have taken on several new responsibilities in projects. Among those new roles, is my commitment to maximizing The David Project staff culture. I value maintaining a positive and supportive team atmosphere. I have been working on various staff bonding activities, internal education initiatives, and team support strategies in order to maintain our unique David Project Family atmosphere and ensure that staff members are inspired and committed to our work.

Additionally, I am committed to optimizing the depth and meaning of our campus work. Specifically, I am excited to introduce new sessions, trainings, and educational opportunities for our students on campus. I am looking forward to using my personal knowledge, skills, and experience to introduce more Israel educational opportunities to The David Project trainings and curriculum. I am looking forward playing a vital role among the campus team and further developing and strengthening the future, depth, and meaning of The David Project.