Taking a Step Back: Refueling on Israel Education and Passion

By Tatiana Hasson, Senior Campus Coordinator As a professional in the field of Israel advocacy, I am constantly focused on mentoring my students, empowering them to have open dialogue about Israel on campus, and encouraging them to challenge and expand their knowledge on topics pertaining to Israel. I always strive to instill passion, connection, and motivation in the students I work with. I ensure them that with passion for Israel and motivation they are able to make a positive change.

However, rarely do I find myself taking a step back to refuel my own passion and knowledge. At the ICC Field Professional’s retreat, I was given that opportunity to take a break from the routine of work and expand my own knowledge, come up with challenges, and reinvigorate my connection to Israel.

We had the pleasure of hearing from esteemed speakers, of diverse backgrounds and experiences, who spoke on a variety of topics. To name a few, Hila Fenlon from Netiv Ha’asara, is truly an inspiring individual. She spoke of the reality of her and her children lives as they faced constant rocket fire and she gave me a true understanding of the resilient nature of Israelis in her region who continue to maintain hope for a peaceful future in Israel.

Joe Perlov, an experienced Jewish educator, offered a clear, deeper understanding of the geographical region surrounding Israel. As he painted the complete picture of the region, he offered a nuanced understanding of the conflict.

George Deek, “Israel’s best diplomat”, enhanced my understanding of Israel’s diversity. His personal story and insightful perspective, manifested what peaceful coexistence looks like.

Having the opportunity to engage in both public and private conversation with these mentors, has refueled my passion for Israel on a personal and professional level.

I want to thank the ICC for giving me the opportunity to take a step back and expand my own knowledge.