It all started with grilled cheese...

It all started with grilled cheese. I’m talking about the Israel on Campus Coalition professional’s conference, of course! Taking place in beautiful, quirky Portland, Oregon, the ICC conference was the first Israel professional’s conference I have attended as a participant since starting as a Campus Coordinator with The David Project in May. I didn’t know what to expect. Who would be in attendance? How many people would I know from my time as an Israel advocate and David Project intern at college? Would the food be good? (It was, and the grilled cheese was udderly fantastic.)

Very quickly, all of these questions seemed to disappear. I was able to meet professionals representing a variety of different organizations that work on campus. I was able to meet my colleagues who are working with the New England and New Jersey area schools like I am, people who are just as passionate and excited for the semester to start.


Together, we expressed a desire for more open communication between the organizations, in order to streamline efficiency. After all, while each of our organizations has a specific niche, we also have a lot in common.

One of the professionals I met at the ICC conference was Chelsea, who works with a new organization called Passages. Unlike most other organizations, Passages exclusively brings Christian students to Israel. I was struck at this idea of a “Christian Taglit Birthright,” and I knew we could work together on campus. Together, we discussed how we could each help the others’ organization.

Working in a field with professionals as passionate and dedicated as Chelsea was further evidence that I made a great career choice. I am so excited to bring what I learned in Portland to campus this fall!