From Lifelong Friends to Professional Partners

By Juan Gilces, Campus Coordinator

Every summer, professionals from different Israel advocacy organizations come together for a 3-day retreat hosted by the Israel on Campus Coalition, where we network, share, and learn. I had the unique opportunity to be part of the David Project Campus Team who attended this summer's retreat and meet a number of colleagues that are as passionate as I am for the work that we do.

Even though it was my first retreat, it was a memorable one. I was able to see my great friend Dalia. We both went to FIU together, took classes together, and worked together on the Israel movement on campus. Now, we both work as professionals of two amazing organizations, The David Project and Hasbara Fellowships. In this new setting we look forward to work together on educating, empowering, and guiding college students in creating a positive Israel environment on college campuses.

Thank you to the Israel on Campus Coalition for bridging professionals and organization for one common goal, to promote our love for Israel!


Juan and friends