#RoadToUncovered: Sharing A Relationship With Israel


By Carly Korman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Israel Uncovered 2015-2016 Over the summer I had the privilege of attending The David Project's Relationship Building Institute, where I met hundred of students from around the country who, like me, share a love and passion for Israel. The amazing thing about it was, however, that many of the students there were not Jewish. Hearing the Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission alumni speak about their trip to Israel, where they had little to no prior knowledge or connection to the land, and then hearing them share the events they’ve had on their campuses since their experiences was amazing. Their passion about Israel and desire to return was so inspiring.

When I received my acceptance to be a student advocate on such an incredible trip, I didn’t have to think twice. Going on birthright was the most incredible 10 days of my life, as that was my first time in Israel.  Given the chance to go to Israel for the second time in just one year was almost too good to be true. I can’t wait for finals to be over so I can finally go back!  I am excited for this trip because my first time in Israel was the most incredible thing, and now I get the chance to watch other people experience it. I started my Israel story on Birthright, just six months ago, and I can’t wait for the different speakers and places we are going to add another chapter to my story.

I’m so incredibly excited to be able to literally show people why Israel is so important to me, why I devote so much time on campus to advocating for her, and identify such a big part of myself as Pro-Israel. I am looking forward to making lasting friendships with the people joining me on the trip. I’m also eager to show the 16 non-Jewish students from UMass why I fell in love with the land of Israel, and to see them create their story, their connection, and build their own relationship with Israel.

Carly Korman is a junior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Developmental Disabilities and Human Services. She is a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority as well as the Vice President of the Student Alliance for Israel (SAFI). Carly will be representing her campus on Bus 4 of Israel Uncovered: Campus Leaders Mission 2015-2016.

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