Dancing: It's Not Just For The Stars


Amir Bavler is the Jewish Agency Israel fellow at Johns Hopkins and participated in the Professionals track at Relationship Building Institute 2015. Amir was born and raised in Holon, a small city near Tel Aviv.  He served in the Israeli army for three years at The Israeli Air Force. After completing his army service, he spent six months traveling around the world including stops in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and USA. Amir returned to Israel where he completed his bachelor’s degree in communication and Business management at The College of Management. Amir has experience in education and professional training with past activities as a senior instructor at the Israeli scouts movement (zofim).  Immediately prior to his arrival at Johns Hopkins, Amir had two jobs which are his two loves: training and marketing  As a guide and member of the training development team at “the Israel children’s museum” and account executive of two major advertising agencies in Israel “MccannErickson” & “Gitam BBDO”. This was my second year attending the The David Project conference as Hopkins Hillel's Israel Fellow for The Jewish Agency and the experience was phenomenal. The program coordinators were amazing—they did an unparalleled job balancing the festive activities, such as the dancing socials, with the intellectually challenging and inspiring topical discussions, such as BDS. The structure of the workshops was thoughtfully organized and very collaborative. Speakers came to engage in dialogue both with professionals and students. It was very meaningful for me to be able to facilitate my own workshop, and expose students to Israel from a personal perspective. The opportunity allowed me to inspire students to take further action in their advocacy for Israel, and to hear from both Jewish and Non-Jewish people why they are passionate about Israel.

Another very impactful moment of the conference was when The David Project held a dancing event. Students, professionals, coordinators all came together on a boat overlooking Boston and danced the night away to Israeli music. It was a cultural experience as much as it was an eye-opening one. Here were people from all walks of life coming together as one because of their shared passion: Israel. It was very empowering and moving for me, and it is why The David Project is my favorite organization. The David Project collaborates with many organizations and recognizes the need to engage a diverse range of students—Jewish AND non-Jewish—about how to discuss Israel effectively, and empowers these students to build relationships that will advocate for Israel.

Experience a little bit of the boat cruise energy for yourself:

[video width="854" height="480" mp4="http://www.davidproject.org/wp-content/uploads/IsraelRBI-Boat.mp4"][/video]