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Jackie Becker  is a sophomore at Stanford University. She is a prospective CS+English major, with a minor in Political Science. When not doing homework, Jackie pursues her passion of theatre; since coming to Stanford, her favorite roles have been Joan in "The Long Way Around," and a member of The Twelve in “Alcatraz: Art Behind Bars,” a production put on by the ReDesigning Theater Project at Stanford’s





Imagine a desert.

Now forget it. Imagine cities built into sand, swaying green hills and intrepid horses, rides in rovers that throw you around and markets that grow around you.

Imagine mountains of fruit piled high, a clawing stomach pulling you into a little cave where you eat and revel in the cool taste of water.

Imagine a city built on a hill, the walls that kept everything out mostly fallen, marked with dark lines showing how ancient stones support their children.

Imagine a lake that throws you up, whose surface pulls you in and rejects you. Imagine a bracelet on your arm as a merchant, winking, compliments you.

Imagine falling onto a bed, legs like the stones that were used to build the walls of the largest maze you’ve ever seen, which has seven ways out (though you could only find one).

Imagine being lost. Imagine tracing the steps that some young man took as he dragged behind him a burden far heavier than the bag you wear at your waist.

Imagine seeing a sunset that burns up the sky. Imagine drinking sweet succulent pomegranate juice as you walk along a dusty traveled path whose stones are worn and grey.