3 Ways Watching Game of Thrones Makes us Better Israel Advocates


Phil Brodsky is the Executive Director of The David Project. We are sorry to say he has not finished reading "A Dance With Dragons" yet.  At left, Shimon Peres sits the Iron Throne during the Game of Thrones exhibit in Tel Aviv. (Image source: Shimon Peres Facebook page.)

1. The map is important 

Game of Thrones has an amazingly detailed, long credit intro because it gives the viewer a full view of the ever-growing map of the world of Westeros and Essos. On campus it’s important for us to remember this lesson of being aware of our surroundings. Every campus is different, and just because something worked at one campus does not mean it will work exactly the same on the next. What works with the Tyrells will almost certainly not go over well with the Martells. It is always a good time to zoom out and take a look at your campus environment afresh. Ask yourself, “How are students organizing themselves?” “What issues are important to my peers?” “Which organization’s mission might overlap with our?” “Where are some natural collaboration points?” “Who is the rightful heir to the throne?”

2. You never know who your best ally can be

In Game of Thrones coalitions between houses build and collapse on the whim of the Queen of Thornes, the Spider, Littlefinger, and other players. It’s good to remember that you never know who your best connection can be. As an Israel advocate, remember that there is always a way to connect why you care about Israel to why your peers care about their cause. Like Varys with Tyrion in last night's season 5 premiere, all you have to do is listen for common ground and start your conversation from there, whether that's about Israel or about how to bring peace to Westeros.

3. Always believe in dragons

Was it Daenerys Targaryen or David Ben-Gurion who said in order to be a “realist you have to believe in miracles”? Doesn’t matter! At the end of the day, no matter how hard the talk might seem it is important to remember that every interaction and conversation is an opportunity to make a difference. All you have to do is seize it!

Valer Morghulis!