Through the Lens (#israeluncovered Bus 2)


Denicia Peterson attends Trinity College, and is currently pursuing a major in Neuroscience with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She is interested in the intersection of arts, culture, and medicine, and would like to find a career in the future that combines all of these. Denicia participated on Israel Uncovered Bus 2.

A Self Portrait: Final Dinner; Jan. 10, 2015   
 A Self Portrait

Dear God: Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Dear God

Cold Hands:  Kibbutz Ginnosar
Cold Hands

Red: In the hotel room, Preparing for Exploration; Jan. 7, 2015

Creation of Life: Sea of Galilee; 10:01 am, Jan. 6, 2015
Creation of Life

Full Moon: "Because we’re made of dust and when the sun catches us right we feel like full moons.” - Ashli Wood
Full Moon

Shabbat Shalom: My First Shabbat in Israel; Jan. 2, 2015
Shabbat Shalom

Straddling Borders: Jeep ride through the Golan Heights
Straddling Borders

The Occupation: On this Israeli house are the many villages of the West Bank; Barta’a, Israel
The Occupation

Unity: The blue house is in Israel and the orange house to its right is in the West Bank

Streets Filled with Prayer: Snowfall in Jerusalem during Shabbat; Jan. 10, 2015
Streets Filled with Prayer

Beit Kvarot: Per Jewish tradition, rocks are placed on tombstones instead of flowers because they cannot blow away
Beit Kvarot

For Sale: Art Store in Yafo, Tel Aviv
For Sale

Up For Interpretation: Street Graffti
Up For Interpretation

Food Market: Conversion Rate: 3.9 sheckels to 1 dollar
Food Market

Almsgiving: Seen while walking along the Via Dolorosa

How to Feed Your Family: Tea Stand; Christian Quarter, Jerusalem, Jan. 10, 2015
How to Feed Your Family

Danger: Written on the desk of an Arab school in Barta’a

Spices: Solly showing a video of his martial arts routine after Havdallah; Western Wall, Jan. 10, 2015