The Recluse Emerges

Miriam Anzovin is the Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer at The David Project. She's obsessed with Game of Thrones, martial arts, and her puppy. In her spare time, she's an artist.  Miriam is pictured here  with a mural she created for The David Project. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, Miriam is no longer a blonde. I've worked at The David Project for the past three years, always in a behind-the-scenes capacity. I started as an Administrative Assistant, then became Executive Assistant. I was in no way a "face" of the organization. I didn't travel to campuses like our great team of coordinators, I rarely sought out opportunities to chat with people at events to talk about what we do. Partially because my role was behind a desk, and partially because I can be incredibly shy, and, like a hermit crab, try and blend into my surroundings to keep to myself. That's all changed now, though. At the beginning of June, I took on a new role here--Graphic Designer and Social Media Coordinator. I attended my first Relationship Building Institute this summer, photographing the event and finally meeting with the students and Israel Fellows my coworkers always talk about. I got to see their enthusiasm for what The David Project does and I heard the accounts first hand from past Israel Uncovered participants who attended RBI. Charismatic leaders and whip smart students alike, I got to really see what the fuss was about. Our relational advocacy platform moved passed the theoretical for me then--it became a reality, a way of living and engaging with others. Frankly, it was awesome. And this from a person so rarely enthusiastic.

For all my outward grumpiness and intensely ill-concealed aversion to participating in social activities, I was still incredibly jealous of all my coworkers who got to travel with these students to Israel on Israel Uncovered. I knew our trip was the best of the best. I knew students had life-transforming experiences on Israel Uncovered. I wistfully looked at the pictures and videos and heard the stories from last year and the year before, as I was designing content for our Annual Report, which features three great impact stories and a plethora of images from the trip. I've only been to Israel once myself, long ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was a 13 year old yeshiva girl, on a short trip with a relatively narrow window through with to view a complex land and people. I've wanted to go back for the longest time, as an adult, as the atheist Zionist I am today. But more than that, I wanted to go on the trip that The David Project has painstakingly designed and built. I wanted to see all the perspectives and listen to all our speakers had to say. And, guess what? In two weeks, I'll be on Israel Uncovered Bus 1, camera(s) in hand, along side Executive Director Phil Brodsky and Campus Coordinators Lucia and Erika. Stay tuned to our social media channels as we tweet and post from the road. You probably still won't see me--I'll be the one behind the camera, after all. But I will be there, in Israel, pushing the boundaries of my understanding of the country and my understanding of myself.