Relational Advocacy @ Work


Here at The David Project, we believe that relationship building is key to our work as Israel advocates. But we also believe that the techniques of relational advocacy that form our methodology can be used by anyone, in a variety of different settings and situations. Recently, David Project intern and student blogger Shayna Friedman sat down with Carolyn Drozynski, The Business Manager of The Daily Collegian at Pennsylvania State, in order to learn more about her work and the relationship building techniques shes uses to develop and maintain relationships with clients and partners of The Daily Collegian. The Daily Collegian is Penn State's school newspaper and is an independent non-profit corporation, fully run by Penn State students. What is your year and major? I’m a Junior and I am studying Advertising Major with minors in Sociology & Entrepreneurship.

How did you get involved with The Daily Collegian? I got an email my Freshman year from Bob Martin (Assistant Dean of Internships and Career Placement in the College of Communications) and had an interest in the advertising field. I attended the info session and loved the idea of working in the creative department and walking away with a portfolio!

What is your job specifically as Business Manager/or any other jobs you have held at The Daily Collegian? I began in the creative department, was promoted immediately to creative specialist, then Assistant Creative Manager, and now serve as Business Manager. As Business Manager, it’s my job to oversee all departments of the Business Division: layout, sales, creative, promotions, and client development. I am responsible for making company wide business-related decisions. I both keep up morale in the office as well as hold people accountable for their actions.

What types of groups, organizations, companies do you work with and maintain relationships with? Student organizations, including Homecoming and Lion Ambassadors being two of the largest organizations that we work with. Independent Groups, like religious and political organizations. Penn State University Departments, including Colleges and career service departments on campus. Companies - both local and national companies; we visit local companies in person and national companies usually come to us through national ad agencies

How do you build relationships with clients? Building relationships in person is the most effective way to build relationships. We also interact with clients through social media on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to someone who is in a field that requires relationship building as a critical element of the job? I would tell them that in this digital world, meeting in person is still key. One in-person meeting can go a long way. Once you have established a good relationship from the beginning that is based on common interests, it makes any and all business dealings that much more effective.