The David Project included in Slingshot Guide 14-15

Last year, we were thrilled to be included in the Slingshot Guide, a resource book highlighting Jewish innovations from across North America. Our inclusion was huge for us, especially since we were the FIRST Israel advocacy on campus organization to make the cut. Slingshot has some pretty rigorous selection standards for organizations in the guide, so we are even MORE pumped that The David Project was chosen again this year, for Slingshot's tenth anniversary edition, as one of 82 projects  focused on very worthy causes. So how did The David Project manage to swing being on this highly competitive list twice? Because we're game when it comes to change. Our commitment to reinvention is real because, see, we weren't always the innovative, dynamic movement we are today.

Over the past few years, we've completely changed our approach to Israel advocacy, a necessary makeover that's changing how people think about us and about Israel advocacy as a whole. We aren't into talking points--we're into meaningful dialogue and relationship building. Our philosophy is that change comes from peer-to-peer interactions, not from aggressive debates and counter-protests. Through outreach activities, network mapping,  grassroots connections between student Israel advocates and diverse student leaders, and our one-of-a-kind Israel Uncovered mission, The David Project facilitates a fresh way of changing the campus discourse on Israel.

And now, it's not only students taking notice. Thank you, Slingshot, for naming us a "pro-Israel advocacy group with a unique, bold strategy."

Download the Slingshot Guide PDF here. Find us on page 10!

To learn more about the Slingshot Guide and the 82 organizations highlighted this year, check out their website.