Four Questions with Phil Brodsky, Executive Director of The David Project


"I’m so excited to be stepping into this new opportunity at The David Project. I’ve been with the organization for the past four years as our campus director, and I’ve seen our impact on campus grow during this time. What I love most about The David Project is that we approach Israel advocacy from a relationship-building standpoint. This means that rather than entering into a conversation about Israel that will be divisive or debate-oriented, we seek out partners on campus inside and beyond the Jewish community that we can engage with in a way that’s enriching. Our methodology has taken off, and we’re now active on more than 50 campuses across the country. Our Israel advocates are connecting with thousands of campus leaders from previously untapped communities. In the next six months, my job is to continue to strengthen the movement we have inspired on campus and continue to make Israel something that brings people together on campus, rather than pushes them apart." Read more of Molly Parr's interview with Phil at!