Alexie and Molly: Coordinators in Florida


This summer, The David Project hired five new dynamic Campus Coordinators: Dylan, Josh, Lucia, Erika and Molly. They’ve been working closely with Senior Campus Coordinators Courtney Kravitz and Alexandra Lundeen, traveling to their new campuses, and meeting the students and professionals they will be collaborating with during the school year. Here, new coordinator Molly and veteran Alexie (both pictured at left with Spiderman) discuss their recent trip to the University of Central Florida, Orlando. Alexie Lundeen

It’s that time of year again--The David Project is officially back on campus! Last semester, we expanded greatly in both the Boston area as well as in Florida, both regions I work with closely as a coordinator. Naturally, I was a bit nervous—I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to devote to each and every campus and student! But my mind was set at ease when we brought in some fresh faces to the campus team. When we interviewed Molly, not only did I feel that we needed her to join our team immediately, but also that she would also be the perfect person for me to partner with in Florida.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel with Molly and spend time with her during her first visit to UCF. The only word I can use to describe the trip is bittersweet. It was hard to go to Orlando and know that I wouldn’t be coming back there again to work with the wonderful staff and outstanding students. But, throughout the trip, I saw again and again that Molly is just the right coordinator to step in. Molly had an immediate connection with the students as well as the campus professionals.  I am thrilled that Molly has taken on these campuses, and it has been such a joy working with her to make the transition as smooth as possible.  I miss everyone at UF and UCF, but I know that you are in good hands with the one and only Molly Radler!

Molly Radler

If you know about The David Project, you know that we believe the only truly effective method of Israel advocacy is relational advocacy. It’s through building relationships that we discover connections with other groups and individuals. We grow those connections to find ways of working and bringing people together. After being at The David Project for just a little over a month now, I have come to learn that this is true not only for the Relational Advocacy Model which we implement on our campuses, but within the organization as a whole.

I learned this very quickly by seeing how all the coordinators and other staff at The David Project work hard to really know and understand each individual student. This is both incredibly humbling, as well as a bit intimidating. It is a lot of pressure, taking on campuses that other coordinators have deep relationships with!

My first campus visit was to the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Alexie had worked at UCF this past year.  It's a great school, with a laid back vibe and a beautiful campus filled with vibrant and engaged students--I could definitely understand why she would not want to let UCF go! It was during that visit that I fully understood the legacy she was passing on to me. With Alexie’s support and encouragement, I’ve begun to connect with my students and understand the campus as a whole. She’s showing me how to be a positive role model to a group of students that she so clearly loves. Alexie’s confidence in me empowered me to continue the great work that she began last year. I am so excited to be taking on working with this amazing group of students, and I know that as a team we are going to accomplish great things! And who knows what the future holds? I hope that down the road we can expect another visit from Alexie, and that this isn’t her last appearance at UCF.


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