This Summer, Learn Something That Matters


Relationships matter. Whatever your chosen field, this is true.

That is why The David Project puts such a premium on teaching student leaders how to build and cultivate relationships for Israel advocacy.

This summer we are taking our seminars to a new level at our two Relationship Building Institutes

At each institute, we will learn about relationship building in three ways:

  1. Learning the fundamentals of building and cultivating strong relationships;
  2. Networking with expert relationship builders from the Jewish communal world and other fields;
  3. Practicing building relationships by meeting with community interest groups active in the host cities. For instance, last year in D.C. participants met with the Greater Washington Urban League, the Organization of Chinese Americans, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and others.

Each conference will close with a personalized meeting for each campus, in which participants have the chance to share the specific opportunities they are facing and find help building a plan to implement relationship building once back to school.

Success or failure of social change can hinge upon the strength and diversity of your relationships. Let this summer be the one that takes your personal network to new levels.

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