Words: A Poem About Israel


Erik Pintar, a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, recently returned from his visit to Israel on The David Project's Israel Uncovered: Campus Leader's Mission. Upon his return, Erik felt that one of the best ways to express his experience was through a poem. Below is a description of the poem by Erik, followed by the poem itself: In this moment in time, we are surrounded by more words than anyone in the history of mankind: media, conversation, texting, emails, statuses. But a given few words have lasted through time and ruins to reach us: the words of the Bible. The history, law, and teachings of the Scriptures are words that aren’t a byproduct of lives, but are perhaps the very essence of life itself. This poem was inspired by the ruins and lasting monuments I got the chance to see in Israel and came out of the questions running through my head: What are the things that are most constant, the things that last through generations and millenia? And what is our part to play within this story of all history, future and past?

Words, by Erik Pintar:

How temporary are the words today barely a thought then made O God how fleeting they really are they flash they flicker then fade

Words make up clouds that gather round us warping the light coming through a truth that seems to rise and fall but really it is us that do

I see the ruins of days long past among new roots and new years and remember how springs of changing streams through the same rock all steer

Upon a rock Great Hands once wrote the Way we could understand but people turned the people strayed and traded the Rock for sand

Through many hands these words were passed words from outside of time then the Author came down in sentences fulfilled and in a three day period unlocked the words divine

Listen all with ears to hear gaze with your eyes and see cast away the haze of shifting days and grasp what forever will be

From ears and eyes to hands and feet these words were meant to move we are all translators from words to lives through blessings old promises are proved

Do not weep for ruins that were don't fear the ones to come upon these words a kingdom is built of which not all will find but some

Many ask why God seems so silent and some say that He is dead I ask you why the people are waiting for the words that have already been said

There is nothing new under the sun just clouds that slip away join with me let's root our lives in words that never fade.

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