UCONN Huskies for Israel Co-Host Hanukkah Cooking Night


Jenni Fass is a Senior at the University of Connecticut and the External and Public Relations Officer of Huskies for Israel (HFI). In the post below, she describes an event that HFI recently co-hosted with the UCONN Cooking Club. On Tuesday, December 3rd Huskies for Israel at the University of Connecticut joined forces with the Cooking Club to host a Hanukkah-themed cooking night that celebrated the diverse culture of Morocco. Members of HFI, the Cooking Club, and students that frequent Hillel came together to learn how to make sfinge - a heavenly Moroccan dessert similar to fried dough. To jump-start the learning experience, the Hillel adviser to Huskies for Israel, Algom Ben-Horin, led a short discussion about Moroccan culinary history and his own personal connection to the dish and culture. Members of the Cooking Club and Huskies for Israel helped in the creation of the dough, the shaping of the donuts, and the subsequent frying. Together, the students created not only an incredible dessert, with enough to feed the majority of the university, but they also forged a bond and made fruitful connections.

Before the event, Huskies for Israel had not previously worked with the Cooking Club, nor had HFI co-hosted any large-scale event with any organization other than Hillel. The sfinge Hanukkah cooking night was an incredible success! Huskies for Israel and the Cooking Club had an unforgettable night of learning the nuances of a new culture and traditions, and customs that are found and celebrated on our campus. Huskies for Israel hopes to work with the Cooking Club in the future and is already in contact with their president about developing an event set for the spring semester.