Bus 1, Day 5 - Discovering New Truths


A post by Jackie Retig, a student at NYU: The theme of changing realities and truth carried through the day. We started the day at Capernaum, where we spoke about Jesus as a leadership figure who spoke his own truth. In the afternoon, the group split up into jeeps and took a tour of the Hula Valley, the Golan Heights and a lookout point to see Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon.

Yoram, my group’s tour guide for the ride, led us around the scenic hills of Northern Israel, showing us the local agriculture of the land. Our group asked Yoram about his personal connection to Israel, and the Golan Heights in particular. As a resident of an all vegetarian Moshav, also known as a farming community, Yoram conveyed the Jewish historical ties to the land. He opened up to us about the security concerns of those in his community who can still remember the years leading up to the Six Day War, in which Israel did not have a buffer from Syrian aggression. He also spoke about his deep desire for peace with the Palestinians and an end to the genocide in Syria. Another student in the jeep, Danny, told me that he found Yoram’s concern about the situation in Syria extremely interesting. He said that this was his reality, living in the North and looking out each day over Israel’s borders with neighboring Arab countries. On the borders with Syria and Lebanon, a former Col. of the Israeli Defense Forces, Kobi Marom discussed the truth he believed in based on the responsibilities his job carries.

As a pro-Israel leader on NYU’s campus, returning to Israel with The David Project and a diverse group of campus leaders has allowed me to discover new truths in a land I love. The speakers and guides we have met with have presented more dimensions to my own relationship with Israel.

Jackie Retig is a senior at New York University, where she studies History. On campus, she is the Co-Director of Campus Relations for TorchPAC, NYU's pro-Israel political club focusing on the U.S.-Israel relationship. She is also an alternate Senator-at Large on NYU's Student Senators Council and active in Hillel and Chabad. Originally from Philadelphia, Jackie loves the city and is a big foodie.

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