Bus 1, Day 4 - Amna's House


Hi! We are Raquel and Kathryn, from Rutgers University and the University of Michigan. Today is day 4 of our trip to Israel. We are so excited to be here and are learning a great deal about Israeli society and culture. Tonight we went to Amna's house. She identifies as an Arab-Israeli women who works on the grassroots level with fellow women in her community to promote social equality and coexistence. She opens her house to groups of women from both Arab and Jewish backgrounds. She believes in social education in order to promote peace between the groups. Amna is as humanistically feminist as they come, in respects to religion and culture.

Raquel: I felt a strong connection with this speaker because she identifies as a feminist herself, along with being part of a university with a strong feminist presence. I really felt that women like Amna are needed in order for women to be equal to men. Although her culture and religion restrict women more than the restrictions put on me, this speaker moved me to continue to be a strong woman and only accept men in a romantic sense who also accept strong women.

Kathryn: I deeply valued Amna's philosophy on women's role in Israeli society. The belief that common ground can be established among women regardless of social and/or religious background is so basic, yet influential. The method of 'getting back to basics' is one that I strive to live by in my bridge-building and community activism work on my campus. The ground-level and essential work that Amna is doing by connecting women on a social, not political, level is action that is necessary to really move toward peaceful coexistence in this state with a population that has more than one national identity.

Raquel Muniz is a second year student at Rutgers University studying Animal Science. She is a member of the Rutgers Seeing Eye Puppy Club, Dance Club, as well as a sister of Delta Gamma. Outside of school she is a dance teacher and also works for Don Paporone Inc. where she shows newly built homes. If she is not working or at school Raquel enjoys spending her free time lifting weights, caring for Animals, and hanging out with her tight knit family. Kathryn Abercrombie is a junior at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor studying Political Science with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. She grew up on the north side of Chicago and absolutely loves the city. At the University of Michigan, she is an active member of Greek Life as well as the social justice community, specifically as a co-coordinator for the Sexual Assault and Prevention Awareness Center (SAPAC). After graduation, Kathryn aims to volunteer for the Peace Corps and earn a Master’s degree in Public Policy upon her return to the United States. When she is not studying or working with her various student organizations, she loves to peruse travel blogs, discover new music, bake, run, and enjoy the company of friends.

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