Why We Write: David Project Discussion Guides


For those of us wonks (wonk sounds smart, right?) who follow journalists and news sites that cover the Middle East and Israel, the Twitterverse exploded over the weekend. As it appeared that a deal with Iran over its nuclear program was in the offing, pundits blasted their 140 character opinions with great frenzy. And this was before terms of the deal had been released! Critics said that US had accepted a fool's bargain, while others cheered the diplomatic breakthrough. There were so many tweets on this subject I had to scroll way down to get just small glimpse of Alec Baldwin or Miley Cyrus news. With the various opinions flying fast and furiously, we realized that getting the basic information of the deal – which may not actually have been finalized as earlier reported – could pose a significant challenge for students or others looking for critical pieces of information. Therefore, as we try to do at The David Project as circumstances dictate, we created a discussion guide to provide straightforward answers to this complex, and evolving situation. We hope that this Iran guide offers necessary background and analysis to foster meaningful conversations and ongoing exploration. After all, what could be a better Thanksgivukkah topic than uranium enrichment and centrifuges?

Our goal is not to opine about the terms of the deal or predict future ramifications, but rather to package information in a manner that promotes a deeper understanding of the situation. While it's longer than 140 characters, we believe it's well worth the read.

Please review our Israel Discussion Guides and start a conversation about Israel in your residence hall, on the quad or in the comment field blow.