At The David Project we are super excited about all the great personal advocacy and relationship building that is taking place on campus so far this semester. Our student advocates are actively inviting their peers out for coffee to talk with them about why they are passionate about Israel and in doing so learning about what motivates their peers. Programs planning is already underway, including networking dinners, Hanukkah/Diwali mixers, film screenings and more. We are also excited for the 68 student leaders that will be coming on our Israel Uncovered trip this winter who represent all aspects of campus life.

Starting this week through the first week of December, we are going to have some additional fun with our social media communities highlighting all the great initiatives taking place.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this here blog, we are asking our students and all friends of The David Project to show us how you are talking about Israel.

To promote this Talk Israel campaign, we giving out cool "#DavidProject #TalkIsrael” stickers, and are asking everyone that has one to take a great photo of it placed creatively and strategically on campus. Stick them on your computer, water bottle, magazine covers, texts books, posters and other places where your peers will see them. We will award the best four (criteria below) with special prize packs.

#DavidProject Sticker Photo Contest: [custom_list type="dot"]

  • Each of The The David Project’s 20 Core Campus schools will receive 20 #DavidProject Israel speech bubble stickers.
  • Students are to strategically stick the stickers in places to encourage peers on campus to talk about Israel. (back of a computer, magazine cover, poster, advertisement, etc…look at our examples below and be creative).
  • Once a sticker is strategically stuck, students are to take a fun photo of their creation and post in on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag “#DavidProject” (which is also printed on the sticker).
  • David Project staff will judge all photos on Wednesday, December 4 for the following criteria:

[/custom_list] - Creativity (did you make it look a celebrity in a magazine or poster is talking about Israel?)

- Visibility on Campus (are the stickers placed in a high traffic area…assuming they won’t be considered vandalism?

- Most Viral (did your picture get the most likes, shares, favorites, retweets, comments, etc. on social media?)

- Likelihood of Starting a Positive Conversation about Israel (this is the most important criteria…did this sticker get you talking to a fellow student about Israel?)

*Students with winning photos will be mailed a nice, glossy custom printout in a prize package.Red Sox Green MonsterJason CalendarMiley CyrusBella Computer