[proh-ak-tiv] - adjective


According to Dictionary.com, being proactive means to “initiate change rather than react to events.” This is exactly what The David Project is all about – helping students initiate positive change on campus! In order to do that though, it’s extremely important that we, as advocates, plan ahead. Last week, the board of Aggies for Israel (AFI) at UC Davis did just that! Rather than sporadically plan events, AFI decided to be proactive and intentional. The students hung up a large calendar of the fall quarter on the wall. Then, each board member wrote out their goals and action items onto different colored sticky notes. For example, the Outreach Chair used green notes while the Recruitment Chair had yellow. This was a great activity for a number of reasons:

  1. Assigning dates made each person’s goals tangible. If you know you want to have an event, picking a date makes it that much more real.
  2. The board was able to see how each of their roles were interconnected. The President is planning an event for November, which means that the Advertisement Chair needs to have publicity ready 2 weeks beforehand, which means that the Outreach Chair needs to have initial conversations 1 month in advance, etc.
  3. Being able to see your goals is motivating! Once it’s down on paper, it’s hard to ignore.

When asked by some members of AFI why they think it’s important to be plan ahead – here is what they said:

“It's important to plan ahead and be proactive because it shows the community that we are a prepared, organized, and relevant group on campus. It also just makes everything easier in the long run.” – Danny Eliahu (AFI Recruitment Chair)

“Being proactive ensures that when something unexpected arises, solving an issue or determining and executing an appropriate response is exponentially easier and more efficient.” – David Marias (AFI President)

What do you think?