Now That We’re #BackOnCampus, Start the Year Off Right


Spring is traditionally the major semester to celebrate and talk about Israel on campus, but that doesn't mean that we have to let the fall semester or quarter pass us by. To generate discussion and sharing about how to start the semester strong, follow the conversation using #backoncampus on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Here are five great ways to start the semester strongly once you’re #backoncampus:

  • Strategically map out your campus. With your Israel group leaders, identify the important student groups on your campus and assess the strength of your relationship with them. Prioritize a few groups that you want to work with this semester.
  • Get your Israel group organized at a planning retreat. Taking a few hours of an afternoon or on the weekend to review the mission, goals and structure of your organization can go a long way towards aligning your membership. Make sure that your group is structured to achieve the goals that are most important for your organization. For instance, if education and outreach are important elements of your mission, you should have a vice president of education and a vice president of outreach on your board.
  • Go on a listening campaign to help your group be involved on campus. As an Israel advocate, you should take the time to understand the priorities and interests of other groups on campus. Be deliberate about this and meet with leaders from several other groups on campus to find out what they are planning for the semester and find out how you can be helpful.
  • Research the way student government works and invite members to speak to your board. Student government runs differently on every campus. Do you know how legislation is brought up and passed? Do you know who your representatives are? Find out and invite them to address your board at a meeting to talk about what they are working on this semester.
  • Invite campus leaders to a Shabbat dinner at Hillel to meet the Jewish community. This step can be a good intermediate step between getting to know a group and planning a program together, as Shabbat dinners are informal, but still significant gatherings of many of your constituents. For instance, leaders of the campus newspaper, student unions, fraternities and sororities, or other issue-based groups are great people to know and spend time with.

Tell us! What are you doing to hit the semester running for Israel advocacy? How you are planning your fall semester and what are your early goals?

Use #backoncampus in your responses so everyone can join in the conversation.