My Personal Narrative Brought to Life


I spent my summer like most of you did: with friends, family, and obviously with The David Project. As an added bonus, I also staffed a Birthright trip (Sachlav 28:615 July 2013!!). Every time I travel to Israel I am reminded of why I do this work. The “aha” moment for me on this trip occurred while I was in Yaffo for the first time. My parents named me after Jordana Ben Canaan - one of the lead characters in the book/movie, Exodus. In the story, Jordana is first introduced in the Port of Yaffo at a detained persons camp overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Looking at the modern skyline of Tel Aviv just beyond the spot that ship dropped anchor, I felt the power of my living legacy to Jordana’s character. Throughout the story, Jordana is a strong and passionate advocate for the burgeoning State of Israel. As a David Project Campus Coordinator, I am fortunate to work with students who also passionately advocate for Israel on campus. As a result, I feel my own connection to Israel growing stronger through my work every day.

One of the best parts of being a Campus Coordinator is being able to help students build relationships across campus, however, the other equally valuable part is developing our individual connections with Israel. I can't wait to spend another great year working on this together! So tell me, what story are you excited to share on campus this semester?