First Batch of Site Visit Updates!

Hi everyone, please enjoy the below updates from campus so far. There are a lot of acronyms, if you need some translation ask me or the relevant coordinator. More updates coming.  

Temple, 8/20/13, Jordana

Met with Israel Fellow Shai at Starbucks to review plans for year, & toured Hillel. Had brief introduction to Hillel Director Phil Nordlinger, and set day and time for Skype follow up meeting. Had lunch with Shai & Dylan Murpurgo (Israel Uncovered) to discuss campus climate, key groups & leaders, as well as Dylan's summer trip to Israel.


Princeton, 8/21/13, Jordana

Israel Fellow Slav, Aron and I met at Starbucks in NYC for an introduction meeting with Slav. Aron and I introduced our past work together, plans for the coming year, as well as an overview of the students at Princeton. During our meeting we discussed our ongoing engagement of BSU and PFA, as well as the hope to grow to an addition 3 communities. Slav told us about his background and hopes for the school year as well.


NYU, 8/22/13, Jordana

Jordana met with the student leaders at Murray's Bagels (highly recommend!) to review mapping, outreach efforts, and the integration of outreach and education goals. The students are looking to pair their outreach efforts with an AIPAC initiative to invest in Israel by targeting Stern School of Business students and pairing them with NYU-Tel Aviv and Tamid. Jordana discussed the ways that Jewish vs non-Jewish engagement efforts are to be differentiated. Jordana will follow up with Jackie Retig, the outreach chair who will be participating on Israel Uncovered, to set up 4 meetings during the semester. Additionally, Jordana will sit in on 9/8/13 at the first TorchPAC meeting of the semester to make a general partnership introduction. The subsequent meetings will be: mapping, outreach check in and engagement refresher, and trip-oriented. Students will keep Jordana informed if there is an event relevant to The David Project and invite her to join then as well.


Columbia/ 8/23/13, Jordana

Jordana and Yonatan went out for juices and discussed his take-aways from visiting the Israel on Demand conference. Yonatan asked about how schools become core partners, what resources are available to Columbia , and discussed plans for a large dialogue event around the Rabin assassination date.


Yale, 8/26/13, Bella

Explained the DP story, theory of change, and major components of working with us. Created a preliminary campus map and briefly explained 'relationship diagnostic.' Students need to decide if partnership is for them. If so, finalize a map with action steps and necessary resources.

MIT, 8/28/13, Jacob

David and I gave overview of what a Core Partnership looks like, what elements might work at MIT. They were very receptive, and understanding of what we do.


American, 8/27/13, Courtney

We met with various students who are going to enact the core partnership to solidify our action plan for the semester. We also met with a student who is most likely going to attend our Israel trip and went to a BBQ where we met a lot of students.


George Washington, 8/26/13, Courtney

We met with a bunch of student leaders together discussing how we can work with them. Had dinner with Israel Fellow. Met with Yael and Joey separate. Went to bagel brunch to meet a bunch of students


Johns Hopkins, 8/26/13, Courtney

We sat with the board of Chi and talked about working together. Also we sat in on the lunch for Hillel retreat and met a bunch of students there. Courtney is leading a retreat Sept 16 to get a project off the ground between us and the Israel group there.


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