#backoncampus at UT Austin


It seems fitting that the start of the school year coincided with the start of the Jewish new year. My first trip #backoncampus to UT Austin included both celebrating Rosh Hashanah and taking part in the Texans for Israel (TFI) retreat. During the retreat, we prepared for the upcoming year by using a diagnostic tool and doing campus mapping. The best part of these tools is that they allow students to visualize the work they have already done and see where they want to be by the end of the year. The first step was going through the diagnostic. Using this tool, TFI was able to discuss and assess different aspects of the group's work, including: presence on campus, outreach, social media, mission aligned programming, and Birthright follow-up. This was very helpful because we were able to set goals for the group as well as individual goals for each board chair.

The second workshop we did was campus mapping, however, this time we did it in a slightly new way by using a scale which allows students to see where they are in the relationship building process. The scale demonstrated where they are in the process and which groups they need to focus on. Doing this activity also helped us think through who to bring on Israel Uncovered, our annual campus leaders trip.

I had such a great first trip #backoncampus! These two tools, diagnostic and campus mapping, that we used at the retreat are really putting TFI on the road to success. I can't wait till I go back and see/hear the great things TFI does this year. They are definitely on a mission to win The David Project campus of the year award!