Action Plans for Success


Adrenaline is high in The David Project headquarters - not just from our monthly birthday cake sugar rush, but also because we worked our tails off all summer to create our Core Pillars, train our student and Hillel staff partners, and build a supportive model that empowers engagement-based advocacy on campus. We really are on the edge of our seats to kick off the semester! You may be thinking to yourself, why is the goofy DP staff so excited right now as opposed to any other time? The answer is simple.  Every Core Campus we work with has created an action plan that will drive Israel conversations and advocacy on campus. During our Israel on Demand training in August, each Campus Coordinator and their Core School partners met for a 1.5 hour consultation session. During this session, we brainstormed steps for the semester, linked each step with a specific date, and set expectations so that everyone knew how we would work together to achieve our Core Partnership goals. We also discussed who would be responsible for which tasks to mitigate confusion.

The action plans created during the consultation sessions will not only help keep everyone on track, but will also ensure that we see successful relationship-building throughout the country. It’s time to see Israel advocates branch out of Hillel, get to know others on their campus, and foster safe spaces to discuss Israel. More than ever before, we are ready to hit the road and make our vision a reality!

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